Transport Recommendations Please.

I have a headphone system. The digital front end consists of a Rega Planet (used as a transport) going into a Grace 901 headphone dac/amplifier and then into Sennheiser HD600 cans via Cardas Cabling. The sound is good (for digital) but I was wondering if purchasing a transport would improve the digital signal. My budget would be around $800 for a transport. Basically I have two questions: 1) is it worth it? and 2) if so, what should I get? Thanks in advance..

Your dac is as important as the transport. I’m not familiar with your dac and have no idea where it rates on a relative scale, however I did read about it within your system.
With that said a real steal on a used transport would be the Parasound C/BD-2000 belt driven compact disc transport (one went on the site last night) {I’m not associated with the owner}. That transport will outperform other transports costing three to four times the new cost. And will sound WONDERFUL!
I would recommend a Muse Model Five transport. And it just so happens that I have an extra one for sale (I've upgraded to a Model Eight). It has a silver faceplate and I'm asking $650 for it. It is 9/10, no blems and works perfectly. Contact me if you are interested.
Rich - talk to Steve over at Empirical Audio. He is reported to be doing wonders with modding Sony DVP-S7700 units and I think that a used unit bought here and adding in his mods should be somewhere near your budget target.
Digital cables also make a substantial difference. Cardas Lightning 15 has warm bass and mids while retaining detail in the highs. The cable looks like a Cardas Golden Reference.
Also, aftermarket headphone cable makes another significant difference with HD600s. The Cardas will be more open with good extension on both ends. My favorite, the Stefan Audio Arts Equinox gives a more natural (some would say laid-back) sound IMO. (
Thanks for your recommendations. Do you think that a stock DVP-S7700 Sony DVD player would be a better transport then the Rega?
No question that the S7700 should outclass the Rega as a transport, because of the superiority of the DVD tacking and the copper-clad tank-like build. Not even close.
Have you considered mods to your present Rega ie: Superclock II , black gate caps & better quality diodes??? It will certainly improve your digital signal to your dac ie: less jitter or timing errors giving you a more coherent and sweet/musical sonic nature all for probably US$800 or even less plus some new cds thrown in.........
Good luck.
Never heard but only heard great things>>>VECTEUR D2.2. People say it is better than Levinsons etc.... you will have to see for yourself, but this is what I would get. Just stretch the budget a bit, you will not be sorry. ($1290 NEW)

Others include: Parasound CBD-2000 approx $500 used-smooth and more emotional. Meridian 500 approx $600 used-smooth more detail and more laid back than Parasound. CEC 5100 or CEC TL2X, 5100 affordable near $600 2X around $1200.