Transport Recommendations for Audio Note DAC

Soon I will be picking up a Audio Note DAC 4.1 balanced and was wondering what would be the best CD Transport to mate it with... Any recommendations? A few I thought of are -- 47 Labs Flatfish, 47 Labs Shigaraki, Audio Note transports, Accustic Arts... I'd like to stay under $5K used.

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CEC TL-1X, if you can find one used. Very musical, beautiful construction, even better if you splurge for Reference Audio Mods.

Transport is one thing but you got to look at the coaxial cables. Make sure you have a good quality coaxial cables, it's extremely important. I will break or make your combo. I would recommend NBS black lable coaxial.

For transport, Forsell MkII $4500 used
47 Labs top of line transport $12,000
CEC Tl-0 mkII $7,000
I saw this a bit late. I don't know what you did, but the 47 Lab Flatfish is the greatest ever. That can be picked up for $2k. The sound is everything and more that they talk about on their site. The bass pick up is easily recognized. The highs are fabulous. Attack couldn't be better, same with separation both deep and wide. Singers are front forward.

I use a unique Audio Note DAC. The diode swap makes a huge difference. The 47 Lab DAC is shy in comparison.