Transport Noise from Krell SACD Standard

What type of experience does anyone have using the Krell SACD Standard CD player and the transport noise it has particularly with Redbood CDs. Although sonically, this is one of the finest players I have ever heard and experienced yet, they must have some sort of issue with the Phillips transport they are using? I talked with Krell a few days ago and they simply stated that it would have to be something I would have to live with because they can't change the type of transport they have. They are familiar with the noise issue particularly at the first few tracks of a redbook CD can be noisy. Tell me about it. It is so noisy at times I can hear it over the music which is ridiculous for a $4000 CD player. This thing should be dead quiet with the CD transport.

Anyways, I am torn because I love this thing sonically. Plus you can do SACD and CD. Redbook CDs sound awesome.
Yet, should we have to put up with a noisy transport system on a $4000 CD player?

Has anyone had Krell replace the transport with any success?
This is a brand new SACD Standard.

Let me know if anyone has any experience with this and any positive results? Otherwise, I guess I will be returning this to the Krell dealer next week.
Yes, take the damn thing back.
That's the only language these guys understand.
Most likey Krell will fix if it is still under warranty and should - you should not even have to show receipt the model and serial number will tell when the unit was manufactured.
This would be unacceptable in a $400 CDP. Maybe they should stick with amps only if a quiet CDP is outside their area of expertise.
That ought not to be happening. It is not inappropriate to return the unit to the dealer and find out what, if anything is wrong.

How old is the Krell. It's my understanding (from a retailer) that Krell is not making that anymore. Too bad (if it's true) since I wanted to get one.
I had the original Krell SACD player, sounded like a 10k player on Redbook. Had transport problems twice..They replaced with a mk2 unit in August. This new player sounds better to me than the first go around {bottom end and focus] some times on certain discs or selections there is more transport noise than I would like.I have had no issues other than it sounding even better since being replaced. Tom
Hi, I have had the Krell SACD Standard original since July. I did have to return it after a few weeks to swap out a faulty servo board but it has been fine ever since. I have not experienced transport noise. It sounds like you definitely need to return it. I hope all goes well. Bill
I love Krell but I wish they would stop using Phillips transports.
Thanks for the responses thus far. I am sure I can take the player back to the dealer no problems. However, I would love to keep this player if Krell could figure out why.

The weird thing is: It doesn't make this noise on all redbook CDs. Just periodically depending upon the CD. Also, it does it on the first few tracks when the disk is spinning the fastest. Also, it doesn't do it on SACD. Very strange.

This is a brand new SACD so not sure what version transport it has? It was shipped to the dealer the middle or later part of this year so it is fairly new version however, not sure if it has the original transport or the newest transport?

Hard to decide what to do because this thing is so good on both Redbook CDs and SACD is fabulous.

Had a similar issue with Phillips SACD player, mechanical noise when playing redbook cds only. It drove me nuts so I gave it to my daughter who isn't so critical.
I had a same problem and send unit to them twise and this is what they respond on second time...
With regards to the mechanical noises that you cite as the problem with this unit. As we have said in the past. We are aware that the Philips drive used in the SACD can be noisy on occasion during normal operation. While some of the blame for this noise can be pointed at the drive itself, a lot of the problem is in the inconsistency of the recording specification for both redbook CD's and also SACD's. To prove this point to you we made CDR of one of the disc's that you returned to us. If we play the original disc on the unit the drive makes noise. However if we then play the CDR copy of that same CD the drive is quiet. As a manufacurer for over 25 years we have always prided ourselves in putting out a quality product. However if is very difficult for us to try to counteract such a "disc to disc" variation is specification.
I sincerely apologize that we cannot give you a more definitive response regarding the nature of the noise problem.
this is what they respond.
I have a 2-year old SACD Standard and haven't had any problem with it as described by all the respondends. I only hear a barely audible click when the CD is loading. I don't know what all the complains are all about. This is only a $4k unit, not $15k. Also, I disagree with anyone telling me that the Redbook playback is is not. I have been looking for a DAC in order to bypass the CD plaback of the Krell. The SACD plaback is fine; but the Redbook playback needs improving!!!!!
Bigcapo, what $4K SACD/CD Player have you heard that sounds better than the Krell Standard on CD Playback? I haven't heard any, that is why I bought the Krell, mostly for it's CD Playback/occasional SACD. I'm running it Balanced into other Krell equipment, this might explain my good results.
King man I agree I haven't heard a better player for 4k or maybe double. I have two maybe three sacd's so the Redbook is what is great about the Krell. I run the Krell single ended with a Belles 21a and Harmonic Precision mono blocs all mechanically direct coupled. The Krell is very sensitive to changes in power cords and I find it sounding its best with no power line conditioning. Tom
An interesting fact is that Krell hasn't made a CD only Player since discontinuing the KPS28c and KAV-280p late in 2002. Since 2003, the only audio-only CD Player offered by Krell has been the Standard, up until this month's release of the Evolution SACD/CD Player @ 3X the price.