Transport needed for Mark Levinson No. 36

I am soon to take delivery of this fine mid-90's DAC. However in my haste I neglected to secure what I think will be a worthy transport. The only player I have at the moment is the Phillips 963 DVD/SACD/CD player, hmmm might this be a decent spinner for redbook playback through the No.36?

I use a Wadia 21 or 23 and both work very well.
I have the Phillips as well but its a bit more analytical than either of the Wadias. Wadias like these are a great value for the sound they put out.
Hope this helps!
One of the best choices would be a #37. The two were made for each other. With your DAC you can use both kinds of transports the #37 for CDs and the Phillips for SACD/DVD.
You'd have a great sytem then.
Depends on your budget. I have a modified Wadia 270se that I think it tops.
I second the ML 37. If its in your budget, the 37 will enhance the capabilites of your 36. Good luck!
I wouldn't limit yourself to the 37 for the 36. There are lots of other great (perhaps even better) transports that have excellent synergy with the 36. Go for the one that sounds best...not necessarily the one that happens to match. In the end, it's a matter of personal preference depending on what sort of sound you like.
Consider the Audio Note CDT-2. Sounds great with the Levinson 36S. Enjoy listening.