Transport needed !

     Hey all ! Im totally stoked, i just aquired a Parasound HINT6 ! I have a 30yr old pair of MartinLogan Sequels. So i start by hooking up my Bluesound Node2, analog out. I use Tidal and the sound is soooooooo good. Since this little digital machine sounded so good i thought what the hell get a transport for CD’s
       I know theres budgets for everything lets say 300-350. I would like to tryout the onboard dac, 
  • ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC (ES9018K2M)
  Im still reading about it…..

any suggestions ????
Go to Ebay and pick up a refurbished Cambridge CXC for $350. They go quick, so be quick. Some will tell you to buy a $50 DVD player and use it as a transport. That’s your choice. I’ve never compared the 2 in my system, so I couldn’t tell you. Don’t forget you will also need a digital SPDIF cable to connect to your dac. The refurbished Cambridge is sold by Cambridge and comes with a warrantee.  
Buy a second-hand DVD player with coax output. Mine is a JVC that cost $26 with free shipping on eBay. I use it with the Khadas KTB DAC ($90). Bits (0's and 1's) are just bits! Only the neurotically obsessed will claim otherwise! 
whatever transport you decide on, make sure it has the matching digital outs as your Hints Inputs
If $26 for a DVD player sounds too cheap, I also bought a 2003 Toshiba TOTL player for $90 (new $1300) and a TOTL Sony 8000ES from '03 for $80 (new $1300). I will also use these with the Khadas DAC!
“So i start by hooking up my Bluesound Node2, analog out. I use Tidal and the sound is soooooooo good.”

OP, first try digital (COAX) out from Node2 into HINT6 instead of its analog out. You may be pleasantly surprised by jump in SQ. If you like what you hear, then go for a CD player.
I second "chayro" suggestion. From my experience: used Arcam CD192 as transport, tried Denon DVD 5910 as transport, none of them sounded as good as Cambridge CXC paired with Denafrips Ares II.
Just saying.
Another vote for the Cambridge in the price range that you want to stay in. It certainly will give you better SQ and performance than a $26 JVC dvd player despite what the bits are bits guy has to say
Better off just selling the Node and getting a Vault that you can load your CDs into, ditch the transport altogether, and have access to all your music from one device without leaving your chair. And when you want more, just buy a better DAC. Personally, I’ll never buy another transport ever again, and just the thought of that makes me happy. FWIW and best of luck.
As several folks have mentioned, the Cambridge CXC is a solid performer and excellent value.  I picked up a CXC V2 refurbished unit from eBay - and haven't looked back.  My biggest beef is that they discontinued the black faceplate. (Also, if you play your cards right, eBay sometimes offers an additional discount on factory refurbished items).
You can probably get a used Theta DVD/CD player for 300-350ish.
I have had mine for about 20 years and it is still going strong.
Great quality great sound.
I'm a Sony fan. Any of the ES series with low mileage. I'm not a big fan of the multi-disk ES, but they still sound pretty good and hold up well in a party environment. The electrolytic do go south though.. 5400 777 and 9XX.

Replace the fuse circuit and IEC with copper or silver plated.  A little cleaning, silicone dry lube on the caddy tracks, and a half way decent 39.00 usd special PC and you're  cookin' That cable works very well with a LOT of the low amperage consumers. I have 1/2 meter cables on my NC500 class ds. No bass duty of course.. They are an excellent PC.
THAT seller is really good to work with too.. FAST delivery.. Good mom and pop QC for sure..
Try to find a good used player made prior to 2000 with a good phillips or sony transport in it like a marantz cd 63 or 67 or an old sony but make sure they have a digital out to feed a dac.
I just sold my Cambridge cxc on Ebay last week for $300! It was fine, I just had bought an Oppo 205 so I didn't need it.

The Cambridge CXC Cd transport is a good 1st hand option. 

If you fancy a 2nd hand CD player, I would look at the Marantz 63 MKII KI has an alternative the Philips CD-850 MK II or the Marantz CD-50. 

On both Philips CD-850 MK II and the Marantz CD-50 should have a very wide image and 3D image.

If you fancy Rega gear, another valid option would be Rega Planet, 

If you are more on the analytic side and in deed of a bunch of functionality without breaking the bank the Sony CDP-997 is a  option.

On all this 2nd hand options, and for best performance, you will probably want service them, and make some upgrades has they will probably need to be recap, a new laser lens and the circuits to be calibrated.

Hope this help

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i 1000% agree with you. And then “oldhvymec” recommends adding a Furutech IEC and other nonsense to a used Sony that is most likely on its last legs to a newbie who just wants to buy a transport to use the built in DAC on his Hint6.  What are these people thinking?   I really think a lot of us here need to rethink our reading skills and analyze what the poster is asking and their level of expertise. 
I don't like to buy second hand electronics. If serious about buying a transport, I would buy new. The Schiit Urd is coming soon (although a bit on the expensive side) but should be REAL good.

      First, thanx for the suggestions. I like the refurbished Cambridge idea.