Transport...My next Step

I've been going through real evolution of my system in the last 6 months. Now it is time to shop for a decent value 3K and under transport.

Current Transport
Audio Research CD-1

Rest of Digital System
Counterpoint DAC1 W/All latest Elloitt Mods
MC-275s x2 Soon to be replaced will Essence Mono's
VSA 4sr Current Model
Associated SR X-2 Cables

Any suggestions are appreciated!
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If you can spring up for the Forsell you wont regret it.
There are two Spectral transports for sale. They have the esoteric drives.
If all you want is a transport buy one . The build quality is second to none.
DrJoe....I like the Spectral. Do you have a clear understanding of how important the Spectral Cable is when using a 3rd party DAC.

The real question is, will a new transport improve your sound. I would spend the money on a de-jitter device first (Monarchy Audio for example). You may find that after that all transports sound the same. You wouldn't be the first to find that out by any means.
Bought the Spectral...

Thanks to all
Regalman, I don't agree with your conclusion: all transports do not sound the same. I have have auditioned several transports: Wadia VRDS, Pioneer Laserdisc transport, CEC TL-0 and Accuphase. Each transport has it's own sound. To me transport has greater impact on sound than DAC. But not everyone will agree with this either.

I didn't offer a conclusion, only an possible alternative. I did some research into jitter reduction devices. One professional review in particular caught my attention. It was of the latest DAC1 with jitter reduction circuitry. The reviewer tested it with the USB output of a PC and two very different transports - very different price levels. The reviewer could hear no difference amongst the three. This is hardly proof of anything. We all know in the world of audiophiles there is no accepted proof of anything. One person's Brilliant Pebbles is another person's snake oil.

I just bought a Monarchy Audio DLP. Using it with my SlimDevices SqueezeBox made no audible difference to my ears. I haven't tried it with CD player yet.
Jitter is a significant reason why various transports may sound different with the same DAC. Some newer DACs feature reclocking which virtually eliminates jitter in the digital stream. Jitter can also be reduced by careful impedance matching between the transport, cable, and DAC.

With that being said, CEC belt-drive transports have been lauded for their ability to reduce mechanical vibrations and their jitter-inducing impacts. The TL51X would be in your price range.

Personally, I have a Bryston BP25DA which does have a reclocking DAC. So, I plan to purchase a new, inexpensive CD player to use as a transport. I'm looking for good ergonomics and reliability above having the lowest jitter output. I'm looking at several sub $500 units would work well for me.