Transport loud with SACD?

I have a sony 9000es andonly the sampler SACD . When I play the SACD i can hear the transport spinning, byt on cd and DVD's I hear nothing. Is this something broken with the disk or is there something wrong with the playe? Has anyone else noticed this. Thanks

I have the 9000es and cannot hear the transport spin unless i get my ear right up against it. Then maybe I can just barely hear "something" when playing an SACD. I just tried it & have not compared noise on a redbook cd. Mine is a new player that I had modwright level 3 Mods ($800). It sounded so fantastic out of the box on sacd that I may not buy anymore redbook cds. But the redbooks sound excellent even though the unit has only a few hours on it. Unfortunately, I now wish I had gone multi channel.
I had a Sony SCD-C555ES and I could hear the transport during SACD playback, but never in Redbook CD playback. It didn't happen all the time on SACD. When it did, I could usually eject the disc and put it back in to get rid of the noise. Anyway, I took the player back because it was audible at my listening chair. I figured that I either got a bad unit or it was a design flaw that would get worse instead of better. Maybe Sony has a general problem with SACD transport. I'm not sure if it spins SACDs faster than Redbook??? Anyone else noticing this noise?

I also have the 9000es and I have not experienced any noise form the unit whatsoever. My unit is dead quite. I would have the 9000es checked out.

Good Luck!
I have a new SONY DVP-NS755V multichannel DVD/SACD player that makes a high frequency noise (it sounds like the motor is spinning much faster) when I play a SACD. The unit is acceptably quiet for regular CD's and DVD's. I would not recommend this unit to anyone interested in listening to SACD's....the noise is so irritating that any benefit from higher fidelity is drowned out by the noise!
For kubrickorange there is something wrong with your DVP-NS755V. I just bought one. I don't have a noise problem when playing Hybrid SACD's. Considering the price and features not a bad unit.
Hifijunky, I went back to where I bought the unit to listen to the floor model. It made even more noise, but I was referring to strictly SACD, not the hybrid versions. I will try a hybrid when I buy one. I agree it's not a bad unit for DVD and redbook CD, and as you point out, hybrid SACD, but not non-hybrid SACD.
I think SACD's spin faster than CD's, so that might explain why there might be a little noise on SACD, but not on CD.