transport help

I am using a Kimbre TT1-DAC dac. I am in desperate need for a new transport. I am looking for a new transport. Hopefully something fairly economical with low jitter. Nothing punchy. Something smooth around the edges and compatable with tubes. Any advice would be welcome. I have been out of the audio arena for about 10 years so please be kind with criticism.
I think there is a McCormick transport for sale here. Top loader
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The DAC is Timbre (not Kimbre) - isn't it? Since I've never heard of it I found 1996 Soundstage review. They mentioned company policy toward inexpensive or free upgrades to the latest version - might be good to call them. It might also bring suggestions on the transport. They probably won't recommend anything but might talk about positive experiences.
Yes it is a Timbre. Thanks for the input. I will check out the CEC and also try to contact Timbre. If you think of anything else please let me know.