Transport for use with Wadia 27ix

As it says in my other post, I just got a great deal on a Wadia 27ix. Other than the obvious Wadia 270, what transports should I be looking at? Will I get better CD sound out of a 96k enabled transport, e.g. Theta DaViD or Carmen? I currently have a Sonic Frontiers T3/P3 with a BAT VK5i to which I will be comparing this new set-up.
Had tried about a dozen different transports with my Wadia 27ix dac. And the winner is Pioneer Elite PD-S95 dedicated transport. I can't say enough about this transport. My buddy has a hi-end store and compared all the big expensive transports. The PD-S95 transport works best with the Wadia using optical out. Sounds great!!!
Not with the 27ix, but with the Audio Logic 2400 DAC, which also decodes 96K, the Theta David comes in a distant second to my primary CD transport (44K) a CEC TL-1x talk w/steve who is currently doing all of wadia's service work. he says you need the 270 to get the right clocking, jitter stuff(special cable).plus, he's convinced a killer transport is at LEAST as important as a good dac. happy holidays.
go with the wadia. a great feature of the Wadia from a tech standpoint is their clocking technology - jitter reduction. you're gonna lose that if you go with someone other than wadia.