Transport for Tri-Vista 21 DAC

Picking up my new Musical Fidelity DAC at Audio Connection tomorrow. Looking for some suggestions by former or current owners for a transport to use with the 21.

Antony Michaelson, in the January 2004 Sam Tellig review, stated that "any old (transport) will do". That quote should raise some eyebrows on this site.
That's what Antony says! I used a Theta Data Basic and really liked it. I sold the Data Basic and bought a Data Basic II and it was even better. Get the best one that you can afford because the Tri-Vista 21 is awesome!
My buddy uses an older Cary 301 as a transport with his 21 DAC linked with a Kimber digital RCA cable. Both tube units seem to match up pretty well. He bought all his stuff from John at Audioconnection and seems very happy with it. I wouldn't go specifically looking for a 301 however, as it is a bit dated and may be hard to find anyway. We also tried My Wadia 23 as a transport on his 21 and that too did great. I think the Theta is a very well designed product. A Data Basic II or III would be a good unit. Many guys seem to like the Modded Sony 770 as a transport. I think also a used CAl delta would be a good choice.
Best, Ken :)
I used a Sony XA 777ES as a transport with the Tri-Vista 21 DAC and it sounded great. Very tight sound, loads of dynamics and the Tri-Vista warmed up the bright voicing of the Sony and added more body to the rather thin sounding mid-range of the Sony. A beautiful combination!

Thanks for the input guys. Saw a Theta Jade on the site a few days ago but havn't followed-up. The holidays are slowing me down. Also been thinking about the fact that the DAC 21 can handle higher input data rates (e.g. 96K). Maybe a DVD transport instead of a CD transport? Not sure what music is available at that data rate. I'm mostly a classical and blues guy.

Antony also said he was reclocking the bitstream when it hit his DAC. I.E., there is a reason for his not caring about what transport you use and all DAC's do not share the same requirements. I'm driving the DAC with the cd player it replaced at the moment (Arcam CD23), when the Arcam finally gives up the ghost (it has made a lot of revolutions and just keeps on ticking) it will be replaced with something used that either looks cool or is dirt cheap. Anyway, were I you and it my money I'd blind test a dirt cheap cable and transport against a more expensive alternative before spending. If you can't tell the difference blind 10 times out of 10. . . . . .
I'm using a CAL Delta that I bought as a back-up while my usual transport is being repaired. I cant believe how good it is - at about $300 used! It's detailed, musical and certainly a revelation at its price point.