Transport for Theta Gen VIII?


In March I ordered a Wadia 270SE transport. At the end of March, I got an email from my Dealer/Wadia, which said " Wadia will have an update on engraving for the 270SE, as soon as May". Since March, 7 month pass and nothing happened!!!
I'm interested in matching another transport for my Theta Gen VIII and thinking about Krell SACD 5.2 or Theta Compli.
Any suggestion?

Thanks for your help.

I am awaiting my Gen VIII and Theta Compli Universal which I'm going to use. I was trying to make that same decision and decided on manufacture synergy, plus all the universal players are a compromise in performance but will be good enough. I also preferred serviceability and a key factor and that ruled out all the European dedicated transports only (Been there done that – no music for months). I considered the Wadia but realized the extra clocking connection would be a waste.

Also if Sony ever gets off their ass and authorizes the SACD digital option for Theta Gen VIII then you will be able to connect them digitally and have the Gen VIII decode SACD (which it is already setup for allegedly).

I am extremely pleased with my Theta Gen VIII and Compli combination. Replaced a modified Sony SCD-1 with the Compli with superior results. The Compli's standalone SACD performance is excellant. Recommend a high end digital cable such as the latest Purist Audio Dominus as well as an isolation device for the compli. I use Aurios Pros under the Compli coupled with a Mapleshade maple platform that sits on Black Diamond cones.

Thanks for everyone, I will order the Compli.

Ask your Theta dealer about the DVD playback Upscaler option retail $1500... it's like way discounted down to 20% of that, and worthwhile upgrade!

I think to order the compli with SDI and conect it to lumagens video processor.


I have the Lumagen HDP but not with the SDI connection, I just use the DVI, in hindsite I probably should have ordered both but DVI looks pretty amazing but the SDI removes the copy protection which always makes thing look better. with the Lumagen they provide pretty good support with new updates on a timely basis.

i have the same Gen VIII and Compli. The Compli is really really good!
I love my Gen VIII. I use a musical fidelity KW SACD as a transport with a Tara .8 Digital cable Sounds Magical. Upgrading To Meridan Sig 808 Will let you know how it sounds.