Transport for Second System

My old Sony finally gave up the ghost, and I'm looking for a cheap ($250: Sony, Pioneer, Phillips, etc.) player to use as a transport. I only need an rca coax out.

The current player goes to an MSB DAC to an A/R LS3 to a Pass Aleph One to Audio Physics Tempos. It's fine gear but I only listen to it occasionally, and the budget Sony sounded fine.

Any suggestions?


I've heard good things about the CAL transports. I see them in the Agon classifieds for around $250 regularly.
You can often get a used Arcam Alpha 7se CD player in this range. Because this player was made to be upgradable to the much more expensive Alpha 9se with an internal DAC change, they put a very high end transport in it for a unit in that price. I use it with a Muse 296 DAC and have compared it with some very expensive transport and am happy with its relative performance.