Transport for Reimyo

I have replaced my Chord dac64 with Reimyo dap777 converter and
I am really happy with this upgrade,still I am using Vecteur L4,2 cd player being transport though it gives near analog presentation I wonder if I have better and dedicated transport
would it better(2-4k)I tried ML37,CEC51,Tube Technology,AN zero
Vecteur was winner among them
I thank you in advance for any recommendation
I was shopping for a transport for my 2nd system a headphone rig, with a budget of 5k. I have auditioned the CEC's, ML 37, & AN as above. I stumbled over a small scale Northstar 192 top loading transport, which uses the Philips CD Pro 2 drive just as Accustic Arts Drive, MBL, Sim Audio, etc. List is $2500.00, & Agon dealer Anthony Perrotta is a authorized dealer who may have a silver demo to match your Reimyo? Honestly this is so natural, smooth, & lush in a good way that you will not miss a belt driven transport. And you may still have enough cash left in your wallet to buy others Xmas toys also???

Here is a review, with pic's -

Ben - I'm quite happy with my Northstar, Audio Logic 24 mxl, & Grado RS-1 combo......But since I'm a XRCD Junkie, I would love to know what your thoughts are on the Reimyo K2 Dac are?
Thanks for your comments, I will consider Northstar transport
together with Audionet Art V2 transport comparing with my Vecteur L4,2
As for the Reimyo, this is some thing exeptional (to my ears)
mostly I forget to listen digital,sound is so realistic much better than sacd (I used to have Sony and Krell sacd players)
tonal balance and timbre of the instruments are so real
Soundstage is perfect,notes have air and texture I am really happy with this combo but just wonder how a dedicated transport makes developments to the sound comparing Vecteur
PS:all my cabling including digital from Virtual Dynamics
I have to say that best match for this combo and my system.