Transport for ML360S?

I'm looking for a transport to go with my system. Anyone out there with Levinson 360S DAC using Sony 9000ES as transport? Seems the 9000ES has many fans. Any other recommendations for transports under $2000 that supports 24/96? The rest of my system: ML380S pre and ML 335 amp.
Hi Ralee,
I use a 360s with the 9000es as my transport with Transparent Reference digital cable and this combo sounds great. My next upgrade will be to try ML37 as transport.
I Know this is going to be better but I don't know by what
margin, and also what differences between the two. Good
I don't have a 360s, but I do have a 36. I can say the ML 37 is a much better transport compared to the 9000es, but I don't have 24/96 capability. My 9000es is still breaking in, but so far, my redbook CD's (played with the 36/37 combo) are much better than the SACD. Please take this with a grain of salt--because according to many threads the Sony needs 200 hours of break in. Mine is only 25% of the way there. I'll try to remember to give an update once it has broken in.
I gave up waiting for the SACD section to sound better than the cd digital output decoded by a separate decoder.
I use an MSB link dacII and it still KILLS the SACD from the Sony analog outputs!!!!!!!!! I guess I expected too much from the Sony. The best transport I've tried is the one from SimAudio, the Moon series "Eclipse CD Player".

It has a suspension that floats the disk drive in elastic bearings.
Hi Ralee; For CD playback, I use a ML 37 transport with ML 360S DAC-- a tremendous and highly recommended combination for CD playback. And of course, the 360S DAC will already decode 24/96 signals. To connect these two, I use a Cardas AES/EBU digital cable. Cheers. Craig.
Thanks all for your suggestions.

Craig, I thought about the ML37 but seems like a lot of $$ for a transport that some say may not be all that much better than other transports on the market. Critics will also say it is at least a 4 year old technology. I understand some of the new DVD/audio players like Pioneer DV37 can deliver almost same quality for fraction of the cost.

Who knows...I may just go with the ML37. Any news on a "370", the new and improved ML37?
Ralee; yes, the M37 is a several year old design, but it is just a transport. The really important (digital) technology is in the 360S DAC, which is near state-of-the-art, IMO. The M37 can be purchased used for $2-2.5K (when you can find it). Madrigal does have a replacement transport for the M37 that is due out sometime this year, however, it will be pretty expensive I'm told. But, I believe it is also supposed to read DVD-A. Happy Hunting. Craig.
Garfish, with respect to the new Levinson transport, do you mean DVD-A or DVD as in 24/96 discs? It seems to me a separate transport for DVD-Audio would not be worthwhile, as my recollection is that the 24/96 DVD-A signal can't be passed through a digital data link (part of the copycode controversy), and I thought that was software driven. However, a transport that can send a 24/96 signal from the few discs that have it from Chesky and Classic would be helpful, although with the limited amount of that software, I think your recommendation of the M37 is a good one. If you need a 24/96 transport, get a cheap used Pioneer or recent Marantz or the Sony with SACD. But I would not expect any of them to work as well with redbook CDs and the 360 DAC as its matching transport. Just my opinion--good luck.
Garfish, are you referring to the ML No41? I was told it's supposed to be a "Levinson version" of the Proceed PMDT. And being a Levinson, it will be even more expensive than a PMDT. ($7-8K price range?)