Transport for MHDT Havana

Just bought a MHDT Havana Balanced DAC and will need a good transport for it. Any suggestions? Would like to keep it under $1500.

Really like Stello CDT100 (no longer available) and I'm intrigued by the WOO WTP-1 (which is not yet available...). Kind of partial to top loaders.
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Audiojan...I think you'll really like the TL1. I have a TL2 and it's the best transport I've ever had in my system.
I have a TL-2X with a couple mods from here, which takes these transports to an esoteric level, without changing any of their inherent, original character.
who sells the Havana in the us

also, I had a nos dac, an it lacked bass response. is the havana fully extended in the bass ?
To answer your question Mr. Tennis it is not fully extended in the bass which may conincide with your listening impressions of NOS dacs in general. It is a wonderful little DAC though. I don't currently use it but can't bring myself to part with it. A bit lacking in detail but conveying the musical message in a most natural and convincing matter, better than most of the more resolving digital devices I've personally owned. It is just wonderful in the midrange, particularly with voice and has a fullness and flow that many DACs I've listened to don't capture. I think, based on your posted preferences, would really like it. I purchased mine directly from MHDT in Taiwan. Ordered it late Thursday afternoon and received it the following Monday. I don't believe there is a dealer network in the US for this product. It has been superceded by the Stockholm I believe.
i'm sure I would like the mids and treble, and timbre. but my speakers are a bit bass shy, so an attenuation in the bass, is not a good idea. I need all the bass I can get.

thank you for confirming my intuition.

I can swap tubes in my Vincent cs-7 dac.

I need a tube dac with extra energy in the bass, along with liquidity and bloom. any ideas ?

if only there were a dac that had the sonics of the zanden, but not its exhorbitant price.