Transport for Exogal Comet Plus DAC

Transport for Redbook CD only.  Currently using an Oppo 103, but that will be leaving soon.  Curious if this is a DAC that would benefit from re-clocker...Thanks
How long does it take the Bluesound to load a CD?

You really need a re-clocker.  You really do.  Trust me...

BTW, I happen to manufacture a re-clocker and will gladly sell you one.  As you'll see, I energetically promote them all over this forum.

Ok, I just added one and it took just under 8 minutes.  Once the cd is added, access is instantaneous.
I never counted, but I estimate I have around 700 cds in there now.  I added some everyday for a couple of months since I wasn’t in a big rush.  You could at least get all your favorites done in a couple of days.

Btw, there is one downside I forgot to mention.  The Vault does require an Ethernet connection in proximity to your audio gear.  In my current home this is not available in my main listening room, but is not a problem for my secondary system.  My new summer home is good to go in that respect.  
I still want/need a transport, but was interested in the vault in addition, but no nearby ethernet...