Transport for Exogal Comet Plus DAC

Transport for Redbook CD only.  Currently using an Oppo 103, but that will be leaving soon.  Curious if this is a DAC that would benefit from re-clocker...Thanks
Given the engineering that went into the Exogal, I very much doubt a reclocker would make much of an impact.  There have been a few transport threads recently.  Within the moderate price range, Bel Canto would seem to be most recommendable, though there's a new one coming from NuPrime.  Or splurge on a used PS Audio; the previous model to the current one should be relatively affordable.

If you really believe a reclocker makes no difference, then just get an Oppo 105 for $1200.

Sorry, I don't believe it.

Steve N.

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What do you recommend Steve ?
I was on the forum seeking advice about a new Dac and many Exogal Comet Plus owners stated the clock was so good they didn't need an external device. 
The CEC line of redbook CD transports is worth looking into.
Agree with twoleftears and lowrider57 that the Comet doesn't need a reclocker. I tried the Uptone ISO Regen/LPS-1 between my Aurender N100H and Exogal Comet Plus and preferred the sound without it. Lost airiness and treble extension with the Uptone duo in the loop. 


What do you recommend Steve ?

Do this experiment first:

Play a track from 2 different digital sources or from the same source using two different coax cables to your DAC.  If you hear ANY difference, then your situation will benefit from a reclocker.

This one is the best, based on measurements and customers feedback.

It is also crucially important that you use the best coax cable you can afford to the DAC.  All cables add jitter, the question is: how much?  See these jitter measurements for different cables:

The BNC-BNC cable is the place to start.  Add 75 ohm RCA adapters if needed.

Steve N.

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If you want a great working player that functions as a transport and is built very well look at a used Esoteric DV60 this player has a steel remote control, and no your not getting the renowned NEOVRDS transport it dosent cost 8K either. Highly recommend for use as a transport. The built in DAC’s sound very "digital" and not very warm or musical. Used prices have come down on these to around $1200.

Matt M
+1 on CEC very good liquid sounding transports, not sure your budget but there is a nice looking unit in the listings now no affiliation:

thanks for all the replies...not sure of budget, but unfortunately it is less than the CEC...
I will make the same suggestion here as I made on the other thread.  Ditch the transport.  Load your cds to a Bluesound Vault 2 and feed that to your Exogal dac.  You can run the analog and digital outs at the same time.  That way you can easily compare the sound of the dac in the Bluesound versus the sound of your Exogal.

Now you have all your cds right at hand from your iPhone or iPad.

How long does it take the Bluesound to load a CD?

You really need a re-clocker.  You really do.  Trust me...

BTW, I happen to manufacture a re-clocker and will gladly sell you one.  As you'll see, I energetically promote them all over this forum.

Ok, I just added one and it took just under 8 minutes.  Once the cd is added, access is instantaneous.
I never counted, but I estimate I have around 700 cds in there now.  I added some everyday for a couple of months since I wasn’t in a big rush.  You could at least get all your favorites done in a couple of days.

Btw, there is one downside I forgot to mention.  The Vault does require an Ethernet connection in proximity to your audio gear.  In my current home this is not available in my main listening room, but is not a problem for my secondary system.  My new summer home is good to go in that respect.  
I still want/need a transport, but was interested in the vault in addition, but no nearby ethernet...
There's the CXC - A dedicated CD transport | Cambridge Audio.
You can also get it from Amazon which has a good return policy if you don't like it.

All the best,
CXC has a totally deficient remote control.  Also it clicks wildly with the Schiit DACs.  Otherwise it's fine as far as I can see (I own one).
Well, so much for that recommendation. 😫
and I was just starting to want a CXC :) 
Ok then, for a transport only, check out the Woo Audio WTP1 available from Audio Advisor.  It looks like it’s built like a tank.  It will require a decently spaced shelf since it’s a top loader.  No drawer mechanism is one less thing to fail in the long run.
Has the Nuprime transport been released yet?
I saw that on the website, and I have liked Nuprime gear, but haven't anyone/place
 that has it yet...
There is a Simaudio 260D for sale here on Audiogon right now. Very nice transports. I have one that compares favorably to a Levinson 31 in my system for alot less money.
I really like the look of the Woo Audio WTP1 and it's priced very well. Top-loading beats the sliding tray any day.
If you're interested, you should look for the user reviews. It looks like some thought went into controlling vibration. Maybe you can find out how well it controls jitter.
Agreed that Woo Audio is badass looking and well built. Agreed with @lowrider57 top-loaders are less prone to problems than sliding drawers. Just don't lose the stabilizing puck!
while still figuring out system, I put my Teac PD-H600 CD Player in as a transport, and initial response is quite good...
is the Nuprime CDT-8 transport actually available yet ?
also wondering what all in one CD Player, with a diigital input, may be competitive with the Exogal.  Thanks 
Twoleftears which schiit Dac you own? I have CXC and the Gumby, I have not connect them yet. Iam planning too....
I have the CXC transport for 2 years now and it sounds excellent on my Yggdrasil. 
Not a problem with cliking etc. The remote does not have direct access to tracks and it is big for functioning on other Cambridge products. So a lot of buttons don't function. My only criticism. I'm looking for another for a backup a silver one.
@jayctoy Gungnir, unmodified.

You can:

1) treat your disks with $100/4 oz. treatment

2) cut the outer edge at an angle

3) put colored pen on the inner ring

4) use destatic gun or demagnetizer on the disks

5) treat with fluorescent light

6) rewrite the disk to a CDROM

7) coat the top surface with a rubberized coating

or you can:

Get a good reclocker like the Synchro-Mesh and insert in the coax cable between transport and DAC

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

I use the iFi SPDIF iPurifier on my home theater and smart TV.  Great for movies and only $150.

Reclockers rule!!

Steve N.

Empirical Audio