Transport for EMM Labs DCC2

I have EMM DCC2. At this point cannot afford their new transport. Any recommendations on other inexpensive transports that would do well with redbook CD's with EMM.
how about the modified philips sacd-1000?
Do you care about SACD? Do you want to use the AT&T ST glass interface?

Boy, if I were in your shoes, I'd be seriously considering an EMM Philips SACD1000. There have been a half dozen or so for sale over the past few months at very reasonable prices considering what they cost new, and the fact they're optimized for use with Meitner DACs.

Of course, the resale will be abysmal. Something to consider, too.
I have a meitnerized philips SACD 1000 at this time and my CDSD should be in with in 2 weeks. If your interested let me know.

IMO with out using the opti-link proprietary connection your selling yourself and your dac short.
Tireguy is right.

In order to take full advantage of the DCC2 you need the Philips/EMM or the new CDSD. Anything else will still be average redbook.

I am hoping to recieve my new CDSD at the same time as Tireguy. If that happens, my Philips will also be forsale.

Here's the problem. My SACD chip in the unit died almost immediately. The unit still works flawlessly with CD's and DVD's. It would be cheaper than one in perfect condition.
When is your timeline for the CDSD purchase? I don't own the DCC2 or the DAC6 but I would imagine it giving you more than just a decent redbook sound. It really depends on your spending habits. I'm not one for quick buying and selling so if I'm able to buy the CDSD in a few short months I would probably just connect the DCC2 to whatever cd player or DVD player I have. That would be the most efficient way of saving for the CDSD afterall. But if you're going to buy a transport to tie you over, it makes no sense to go with anything else other than the Philips as suggested by everyone else. You'll obviously be much happier with the Philips and you don't have to worry about getting the CDSD for a long while, especially if you stay off the boards :P.
I am only a partially happy camper. My Philips still works though sans SACD, that's the good news. I just learned my CDSD is not included in this recent set of shipments, bad news.

They have way more orders than they have product. And they have a lot of people who have ordered both the DCC2 and CDSD together. I guess I shouldn't have told them my Philips still works.

Patience is a virtue?,........., bull----. I know what I want and I want it now. Wait a second, that's my wifes line.
"I know what I want and I want it now."

You can't have it now and you have no choice
in the matter.
That's also what my wife says.