Transport for Electrocompanient ECD-1

Hello, interested in upgrading transport for my ECD-1 DAC, currently using a Pioneer PDR 05 as a transport. It was quite a good transport in it's day with the stable platter tray. Interested in new or used, always curious about the belt driven CEC transports but never heard one. Thanks for your help.
Well, I don't know your budget, but Meridian 500's pop up here from time to time for a mere pittance relative to how good they sound. I used one for a year into that very DAC and it was great.

Good luck.
I agree with Danlibl, without a stated budget its hard to make a recommendtion. However, I have over time had a ML-31.5, CEC-TL1, and presently use an Ensemble-Dirondo transport in my system. I find the Dirondo to have the natural timbres/smoothness of the belt driven CEC but also great dynamics/details of the older ML-31.5. There was a couple of Ensemble-Dirondo transports for sell here on the GON, that still might be for sale. I have heard your DAC with this transport and it was a great matchup. Hope this helps.
I am looking at the 1000.00 to 1500.00 range used. Thanks for the input.
I upgraded from a Meridian 206 to a Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 with my ECD-1. It was a significant improvement and is in the low range of your budget. Another upgrade to consider is the digital cable. I upgraded mine from Transparent Premium to the Transparent Reference AES/EBU. The improvement was as much or more that the transport upgrade. You can probably get both at the high end of your budget.