Transport for DAC

I'm planning on purchasing the Bryston BDA-1 DAC. I plan on using Slim Devices Duet for redbook CD playback, but wanted to know what transport would be good for SACD/DVD-A playback through the Bryston. I don't need anything fancy, just something cheap but competent, as the Bryston's supposed to be very good at jitter reduction. Thanks.
You can't use an external DAC for SACD or DVD-A playback. DACs decode a 2-channel PCM signal, not SACD or DVD-A. You need to have a SACD/DVD-A player connected to you pre-amp/processor using the analog outputs from the player, not the digital output.

The value king of SACD/DVD-A players are the Oppos. Lots of folks are using stock Oppos as transports adding a DAC for CD playback. You would then use the analog outputs of the Oppo connected directly to your pre-amp for SACD and DVD-A. I have an Oppo 970 with EVS level-2 mod's. It is excellent with the mods. However, with the mod's from EVS, you likely wouldn't need to purchase an external DAC at all because the 2-channel CD playback is already excellent.
Caspermao, did you get the Bryston DAC? How is it?