Transport for California Audio Labs System 1 DAC

Recently picked up California Audio Labs System 1 DAC. Looking for an appropriate transport to use with it. Found a CAL Delta - question is: will this transport read audio CDs that one would burn from their computer or only regular store bought variety? Also, is there a better option I should be considering? Thanks.
I had an alpha dac for quite a few years only sold recently due to a lack of 96khz (mine was the non version). To get the best sound out of the dac you would need really high quality transport. I used sd transporter via a high quality aes/ebu cable. Alpha has fairly poor jitter rejection and require sota front end. However I do not believe its all silly to pay more for the digital cable than the dac. It's a very good dac. I probably shouldn't have sold it.
Forgot to add Delta does not work well with alpha. I had both and delta sat in the box for years.