Transport for Benchmark / Peter Daniels NOS DAC

Hi all, looking for a suitable transport for Benchmark / Peter Daniels NOS DAC.
Price under $1,000.00. Priority is no high end harshness. Neutral sound and 3D sound field would be next.
I know the Benchmark is not so affected by transport by my NOS DAC is.

Prefer something in smaller, half width size. I found:
  1) Olasonic NANO-COMPO CD transport NANO-CD1.
  2) Little Dot CDP_II CD Digital Transport Player.
  3) Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport with Remote
  4) Cambridge Audio CXC transport.

Any thoughts or other suggestions?

Try to find an old Theta Compli DVD/CD transport. I have been using mine for many years. Their build quality is excellent and overall quality compares to current six figure units. I think the MSRP 20+ years ago was $5K.
Scratch the Moon 260D(T), it doesn't have the small footprint you're looking for.
The Heed has a small footprint though.