Transport for Benchmark DAC3 HGC

Have a DAC3 HGC on the way. I have access to Oppo 103, Cambridge CXC, and Onkyo DX-7555 to try as transports to begin with.  Interested in others experiences with transports for the DAC3.  Thanks.
Depending on your price bracket, NuPrime CDT-8 pro or Jay's CDT-2 Mk 2.
cambridge just came out with a transport.  for $450 it really can't be beat.
Are you referring to the CXC elevick or has Cambridge come out with a new one?
any experience with new Audiolab 6000CDT transport?

Yes, the CXC.  It is a nice little and inexpensive.
A high jitter output is the only weakness I see having auditioned the NuPrime CDT-8 transport. Your new Benchmark DAC will tame it nicely!