Transport for a Levinson 36S DAC

I am looking for advice on which transport works well with a Levinson 36S DAC. The obvious answer is a Levinson 37, but until those come down in price, I would like an interim solution that I can turn around later and sell and not lose my shirt. I have always heard that the AES/EBU connection type works best on these DACs, so I would like that option in my transport. Thanks.
purchase a used Levinson 37 you can resell it for what you paid if necessary or try a Theta Data 3 it's very close quality to the 37 if not equal or possibly better its cheaper $1200 or lower here yes has balanced digital output also
proceed pdt-2 or pdt-3, if you can get one, is built like a tank, has very high quality ins and outs,
and led the madrigal assault on cdp's before the introduction of the ml #30/#31 (extremely expensive). the pdt looks like a grey bread box though.
had the proceed pdt2 transport was just ok the Theta Data laser disk transport and the EAD t700 laser disk transport was definitely sonically superior to the proceed
Theta Data 3 is couple steps superior to those two laser disk based transports. have seen some ridiculously low priced Wadia 20 transports here before I recall it being slightly superior to the Data 3 have owned them both previously the Data 3 transport may not have replacement parts available though?