transport dying?

Lately my Rotel RDD-980 transport has been skiping, clicking, and having trouble reading discs. Would using a laser cleaner help? Would it be worth fixing? Would I be better off buying a new CD player with a digital out? It is at least three to five years old. I think in its day, it was a pretty good unit. I'd hate to toss it. I don't have any local repair shops. If I decide to fix it, I could use some recomendations on a good repair shop. Thanks---Matt
if you have boat, you might use it as an anchor. no boat? it'll hold down plenty of paper.
Matt, I just bought a used Cal Audio Labs playing that was doing the same thing. I think it may have gotten banged around in the shipping. Right now it is in for repair. When I get it back, I'll let you know what was wrong with it and the cost of repairing it. It may not be for the same reason, but maybe that will give you a clue.
the possible problems are: 1. the laser head is contaminated badly. this can be fixed by using Kodak lens cleaning fluid with some eyeglass paper cleaners (note: not tissue paper) 2. the diode of the laser head is worn out. in such case you may need to replace it. 3. other mechanical problems
Yes it sounds like a bad laser. I recently replaced one in my Sony C15ESD... Cost about $150.
I just got the bad news about my California Audio Labs player. It needs a new laser mechanism and the estimate was $348. Since I paid $200 and the player new was $600, I told them to keep it. I hope your problem is different.Good luck.
The transport may have only needed a single capacitor replaced. I had a Philips 880 (from 1987) that was a decent item until it begane failing to pick up the beginning of CDs . I opened it up and a single cap was leaking. It was replaced for a few dollars and that player ran for 6 more years.
Before anything buy a CD lens cleaner and use it. you might be suprised. Im always amazed how many people replace the cd players insead of cleaning the lens. Good luck and let us know. cheers steve