Transport - Dac , matching question.

This is somewhat of a dizzy question, but here goes. Just a small bit of theory first. Dacs use software that operate in two different domains, probably more accurate , in a combination of these domains. These being time and frequency.Time domain dacs use steaper rolloffs in their filtering in contrast to their counterparts who have a lot gentler rolloffs. Krell and wadia are two good examples of cdp that filter in the time domain. Meridian and musical fidelity tend to use upsampling and thus have a more gentler rolloff. My question is - when matching transports to dacs - are there any trademarks in transport designs by particular manufactures, whose filtering philosphies come into the picture, that tend to match better with dacs with the same filtering techniques. For example; maybe matching a krell transport with a wadia dac is ok but matching a krell with a meridian you might lose some musical symmetry.
Any comments or technical insight would be appreciated, or corrections to my understanding is also invited.
I have never heard these terms before ... time domain ... and frequency domain. Can you point to some website or article so that I can read up on them?
Jkphoto and others:
OK ... where was the discussion about time and frequency domains on this link? I missed them.
I apologize for being unclear. Go to the given web page and link through to "Non oversampling......." in the first paragraph of text. The author calls them a time axis and an amplitude axis.

I also found the (linked) tnt article interesting.
While the link was to a very interesting article, I still have no idea how this relates to "time domain and frequency domain" DACs.
Mathematical Convolution is one method of determining the design of digital filters, whether they are Finite or Infinite Impulse Response (FIR or IIR) models. Convolution, which can be relatively as simple as applying a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) or as complex as Calculus, can be applied to the time domain or the frequency domain. It's been too long for me to remember all that I've forgotten, so here's a link for anyone to peruse: