I'm looking for a heavy duty vintage CD Player to use as a transport. Not sure what model and make to purchase.
Check out the Wadia 8 transport i'm selling on USA Audiomart.
Any of the 90’s vintage Sony ES players.
Thanks I looked for a Philips CD80 there are none for sale. I heard they are almost impossible to find. I will look into the Sony.
Pioneer PD-65, or another Pioneer model where you also insert the disc "upside down".
the denon 3520 or 3560 are as heavy-duty as it gets--you can pm me
Definitely Alesis Master Link
it has very solid transport for using with external DAC
Look at the used Esoteric.

The Oppo has a superior laser because it is also blu-ray.  Get an Oppo, even used and a Synchro-Mesh reclocker and you have a world-class transport:

Older transports often have only one laser.  You need three to get good tracking and reads.  Also, C3 correction is a plus for scratched disks.  Some newer transports will have this.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Thanks I will look into your recommendation. I'm also interested in the Border Patrol DAC. I cant find a CD Player in my price range that can give me the air and bloom my TT set has. Any feedback would be appreciated. 
ARC CDP uses the Philips pro transport and is designed with excellent vibration and noise control. Marantz also uses a Phillips transport.

When using a CDP as a transport, a reclocker at the input to the Dac would provide higher SQ. The outputs on older CD players are not really designed for quality jitter control.
I second the Denon 3520. I have one and it is a beast. Also, it has fixed, variable and balanced outputs. Mine has been updated, and I’m holding on to it
watch out with old cd players based on a PHILIPS laser! some of those lasers are not available any more. Philips does not manufacture them any more. If you would consider buying a new transport, the only affordable one on the market is the CAMBRIDGE CXC. 550€ , in the UK a lot cheaper!