Transparent VS Synergistic Research

Anyone try transparent reference and Synergistic Research designer reference speaker cable. I am very looking forward to see your opinion on both model.
And also How long does it been in the market.
using chord system
Thanks alots
I have tried both and found that, in both of the systems I use (feel free to email if you want details), the transparent cables had far better soundstaging and definition. The differences in tone were also considerable and most notable on piano and male vocal. Since I listen to a lot of piano (and female vocals), the transparent cables would get my definite nod - they fit my preferences and system better.

I just picked up the matching ICs, and as soon as I can get a MCC for them, I can let you know how those compare IMO as well.

Good luck,
I've had both the of the interconnects in my system and find there is no comparison between the two. Transparent is much richer and fuller sounding. More resolution of inner detail and more natural sounding. Designers Ref has more air, but images in the soundstage are not as focused. Some people mistake open and airy soundstage as a veil on other cables. It's all about tastes and I prefer Transparent. I have a Levinson 390s going directly to an ARC VT 100 mkII. Speaker cables are Acousic Zen satori shotguns.
I have tried both and initially preferred the Transparent. The Synergistic took a little time to appreciate its virtues and ultimately I preferred the Synergistic. In an overly brite or analytical system, I could see how the Transparent could be more satisfying. I feel they are "darker" than the Synergistic. They soundstage very well, but the "air" (as others have said) and detail on the Synergistic eventually lead to a more musically satisfying and convincing soundstage for me. Both are very good cables and it may come down to system matching.