Transparent VS Pure Note IC

What is the best interconnect between the Transparent reference and the pure note Epsilon reference interconnect for my taste : I want the most transparent interconnect cable to take the most out of my system : YBA2 preamp and Yba2 HCDT Amp.
I can't comment on the pure note. But I own Transparent reference. It's awesome for my system. If you are looking for something ever so slightly rich, with awesome bass and a soaring, open, quiet top's your cable.

Great resell and used opportunities as well...
I had both in my system one time or another and one thing I found out is if the cables have a network box no matter how expensive it is, it's going to roll off some of the highs, to what degree is a matter of how high the cable is on the cable line up.Maybe it's just me but I felt like I'm missing something when the highs are being rolled of.
The pure note on the other hand will give you all the high end extension that the music has, be aware though that too much of it can also sound sibilant. I tried two pairs on my system and there's just too much energy on the top end that made it sound fatiguing after a long listening session. But with just one cable on my CD to pre just gave me the balanced that I'm looking for.Anyway just my opinion, that best way to know really is to audition both cables on your system.
I currently own Siltech and Pure Note. Rmml is correct that the old Pure Note Epsilon can be tad bright (depending on components). However the new Pure Note Espilon Reference is very smooth in the highs besting my Siltech Compass Lake.
Do you mean the Epsilon Reference bested you Compass Lake just in the highs, or overall?