Transparent to Kimber?

My system is:

MacBook Pro SSD with Amarra 2.0 player
Firewire to Weiss Int202
Duel AES cables to dcS Scarlatti Dac
Boulder 865 Integrated Amp
Amati Anniversarios

My cable currently is:

Transparent Music Wave Ultra speaker cables
Transparent Balanced MusicLink Ultra interconnects
Transparent PLP-2 power cords

I'm thinking of changing to (with trade-in):

Kimber KS 3035 speaker cables
Kimber KS 1130 analog interconnects
Kimber PK10 Palladian power cords

Should I? Opinions appreciated.

Stick with what you have.
That's what I did.
But now I'm changing the Kimber to Kubala Sosna.
So it's a moving target.