Transparent speaker cables VS Audio Note AN-L

I need new speacker cables for My Martin Login SL3's. I'm pushing them with Rogue Audio 150 mono blocks , Rogue 99 pre amp and Theta miles CD player. I'm using Mapleshade wire and they can be to bright, any suggestions
Yeah Glory, I understand, but I only need 6 feet and I can get that for about $625. I think you should keep it, I think it sounds darn good. How could this stuff from "down under" beat it?
Those are two very different SCs. If your Rogue Audio amp's highs are raw, then the Transparent is your ticket. If you feel your amps are civilized throughout, then you want the less obscuring AN. If you want to do away with all the expense, and love your amps, get Speltz Anti-Cables.