Transparent speaker cable for Spectral DMA180

I know Spectral suggest to use MIT/Spectral Cables for their gear, and I currently use Spectral UL350 IC between 30SL and 180S2, My speaker is WiLson Audio Sophia.

Is it "safe" to use Transparent speaker cable (MM2 ULTRA) for Spectral? Many thanks.
Anyone can share some experience? please~
Why don't you call Spectral?
I tried a DMA180 with different cables from AQ, Kimber, Tara and maybe Wireworld. No problems with any of them. I can't see why Transparent wouldn't work. I think Spectral tries to push customers into the sound they think is best.
many thanks for your all suggestion, I called Transparent, they said many their customs use their IC with Spectral gear succufully (safely), but not mention their speak cable safty or not. Re Spectral, can not contact with them :( .

One of my friend's DMA180S2(with DMC20) brocken last monthy (FET burned with fuses brocken when he Switch on the AMP), he use Transparent speaker cable, still not confirm this is caused by Transparent Speaker cale (he use MIT IC) or other reason.

Personally I perfer to Transparent speaker cable's sound, feel more mucicial than MIT, but my friend's story let me heisitate to try....., so I raise this thread to seek help...

Hi ZD52,thanks a lot again!
Here is my response from another thread.

03-03-08: Lawrence_carmel
I asked Spectral and Mit's Bruce brisson the same question. They told me that the Oracle series spk(V1.1,2.1,3.1 ultra wide) is not compatible and the 180 series. The amp my oscillate and damage the output devices. If you are running V2.1 spk at this time I would call Mit or spectral and talked to one of there tech's that has been there long enough to know the 180 amps history. One sign that the 180 amp my be oscillating is if it is running hotter then normal. At the time I had my 180 I was using 850 ref spk and I was interested in upgrading to V1.1. They told me that the Oracle series can be modified to run the 180 safely but I decided to upgrade to a 150 S2 then 360 mono's and now a 250 with V1.1.
Lawrence_carmel (Threads | Answers | This Thread)
PS, The 180 series is more sensitive to cables. Oscilation,damage to the output devices, etc.


You have more options on MIT/Spectral Speaker Cables.
770UL2 would be a entry level option. If you can find a used pair of 850EVO, a 10ft pair was the min length at $10,000 retail. late 1999 was the last year and Mit made a few one box detachable models similar to the latest Oracle series. The EVO is warmer and more extended, wider soundstage with more resolution then the 850 ref, UL770S2, etc. Used EVO SPK prices range from $1000-$2500.
Goodwins highend has a pair available

I moved on to a 260 series, 30SS series 2, original not a updated model, 4000S Pro.
All still in there original boxes pending INT/SPK cable options and Speakers. Sold my Eidolons.

My go back to AudioStatics pending a USA importer with Dealer support

I have owned the 100, 300 and 500 series.

The new MDI with a 500 series size panel looks very interesting.

If not, then due to limited room width of 12.5 ft, Box speakers may be my only choice that can offer full extension in the bass range. No room for a Sub, etc.
I can't help but think, why get involved with all this special equipment that if you don't use just the right cables, you'll blow the amp up? I have nothing against either Spectral or MIT, but they don't have the market cornered on good sound. I don't see any problem with getting just as good sound quality, if not better, using other brands.