Transparent Speaker cable and interconnects

I have heard a few cables,

1) Taralabs
2) Nordos
3) MIT
4) Transparent
5) Shunyata Research

What is the best choice among these.Till now I like the Transparents.
OK, then I'd stick with the Transparent if I were you. ESPECIALLY until you've heard them with the JM speakers -- it should be a great combo. The only others you might like just a little better (meaning they might be a little more neutral) would be Purist Audio Dominus ($$$$) or Venustas ($$) but you should try before you buy -- use the Cable Company's audition service.
Yeah I have heard the T&A equipment with Transparent at my Wilson Dealer Nice Combo. Pretty amazing stuff, too bad the German's just don't know when to change the name for the US market... it's great watching women's reaction just to the name plate.

Try to go with the Newer MM Tech versions even if you have to go a step down it is really a step up from the with XL tech (you will especially notice this on the top end of your speakers.)
Yes T+A is amazing for the price they offer. I heard the ARCAM, Krell and a few others also but this stuff is amazing. JM labs Divas make an exceptional combo too with it. They out perform my B&W 800's.
TRANSPARENT is the best power,interconnect/speaker cable I've heard. You have a very fine system. The mm models, that's the current cable is better than the previous one. All have been worth the price. They are sometimes on Audiogon. When I see a lot of a company or product on Audiogon I always wonder why. Transparent isn't seen alot.
Good listening, PH