Transparent Refererce 75 ohm digital cable

Does anyone have any knowledge of this cable and how it sounds. i think their digital cables are well regarded but i know nothing of this one. i’m looking for a very smooth and jitter free cable that was done right. No silver please.

very sorry as i misspelled reference

Unfortunately I cannot personally speak to the Reference line but I will say that the Reference XL is first rate and provided a good step up in performance when I upgraded the three clocks in my DCS stack from the AQ Eagle Eye I was using before. I'm currently contemplating a further upgrade to the Ref XL AES/EBU replacing the AQ Wild I am currently using.

If the big brother is anything to go by you should be very pleased by the Reference line
This one is perfect.  It reclocks  between the clocks.
@chrisr well may you sneer but it's amazing how fussy the clock is, changing the power cord, adding the right footers and even a shakti stone on top all help improve things. Not that susprising if you consider that everything in the system derives from an accurate and consistent clock. The clock is usually the first place you should invest in improvements, well before the DAC or transport
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what are you using to read the clock?
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