Transparent Reference Speaker Cable???

I am considering buying some of the Transparent Reference cables. I was hoping I could get some good input on your experiences with this line. I am looking for cables that will give great detail and "centered" vocals. Mostly I listed to classical, but vocals are also very important to me. I am currently using NBS Omega 4's. The instrumentals are lacking separation and detail, but the vocals are great. My equipment is listed below. Thanks!!

Pass x150
Monarchy audio DAC
Marantz dv18
Paradigm Reference Studio sixty's v.2
FMS zero balanced IC
Monarchy Audio 34/96 DIP
NBS Omega 4 (biwired)
Personally, based on my experience with the Omega interconnects, I'd consider auditioning the better level Omega speaker cables as well. That said, a very picky and skeptical (about cable differences) friend of mine who listens primarily to female vocals on Martin Logan Prodigies has told me on numerous occasions that the Transparent top-of-the-line (XL?) has been an absolute revelation for him since he got it to replace shorter DH Labs speaker cables (he uses VTL MB750s); I'd take that as a recommendation of the Transparent.
2 comments: 1)I have NBS cables (Statement) and found them to be far superior to Transparent cables. I thought the transparent sounded dull, particularly in the midrange (vocals). Why would you expect cables to sound better if they have more electronics in them? No matter what they put in them, capacitors, inductors, resistors or transistors, adding electronics MUST add distortion and MUST roll off some frequencies. simpler is better. 2) I can imagine that top-of-the-line Transparent will sound better than DH Labs cables which are great cables for the money but cost 1/10 of Transparent. I think you ought to try higher priced NBS and also Tara Labs (The One or The Two).
Hey Lockss

I'm running Transparent Reference XL throughout and I can honestly say that although it's a bit pricey, It gave me the best performance. I've tried and sampled alot of cables, most were very good but they sound sterile, detailed but again the soundstage sounded sterile as if the music was being constricted. When I tried the Transparent Reference XLs, try to imagine sterile on steroids. The soundstage was phenomenol, it became more robust, as if the music came through effortlessly, with greater detail. The bottom line is if you can afford them, get them. If you can't, well, there are great alternatives.