Transparent Reference Digital cable 75 ohm vs

i wan to get transparent digital cable 75ohm,but i'm not sure.Have any one do the comparison between transparent digital cable and another digital 75ohm such as Audioquest,Apogee,Nordost or Tara labs?
thanx for in put
I found the Synergistic Research Tesla D3 digital cable to be more transparent, dynamic and the sound staging was by far superior. IMO it was no contest.
Seems strange. You're enjoying your SR Tesla D3 digital cable and yet there's no information about it on the SR site.
Many seem to be using all manner of SR Tesla cables but official SR information on them seems to be minimal. I'm not questioning your satisfaction with the cable just Synergistic Research's 1-2 year lag time on their site with their product.

I don't know what to till you about the web site. Prior to using the D3 I was using the Siltech Golden Ridge digital cable and I thought that was a fantastic cable but the D3 works & sounds better in my system. Then again I'm using all SR cables.
I have their mid grade digital the premuim its very nice Ilike transparent over kimber audioquest an many others good luck
I don't think you can go wrong with Synergistic. I had a D-2 that was excellent - am now demoing an Esoteric Mexcel 75 ohm BNC-BNC cable that was actually made for my Esoteric gear. As a result, its ridiculously expensive, but does sound better (a little more detail and better imaging) between my clock and upgraded UX-1p1.

Rja- If you work with a dealer, you will know everything Synergistic is doing and be able to access their products to demo in a timely fashion. Its very simple. The website issue is at most a very minor inconvenience.