Transparent Reference Digital cable 75 ohm-how to i'm an idiot...

i just acquired this cable...and have some basic stupid questions.

Does it have directionality? and if so... what is it?

Are the RCA's locking RCA's? If they are locking RCA's, are they threaded normally? I've tried untwisting them...but they appear to be either inseparable, or really cranked down. They're pretty loose on my DVD standard, and look ready to fall off my HTS 7.1.

Then the last question...

This cable appears to put a lot of stress hanging off their RCA mates. Does anyone do anything special to manage that stress?

Yes it is directional,the wording Transparent....
on the cable is from your transport. It may (?) have
an arrow pointing that way also. Just follow the wording
from transport end.

You must hold up to light to see it good on cable.

The rca's are not locking but they will fit tight on
the better type stuff. They are a little stiff also.

The Transparent Man