Transparent reference and reference XL20 powercord

I am looking for opinion on transparent reference and reference XL powercord. Has anyone ever try or heard this cable. And how does it compare to the similar price products.
I am going to use reference for my pre and reference XL20 for power. Both are Chord Electronics pre-power.

I have the trans ref xl. 15 amp version. It's great on my bat vk75se amp. Also use Shunyata python, fim gold, kimber palladian 10. They all sound differnt. the Transparent seems to be best for me on my amp or preamp. Kimber works best on my phono stage. The fim is great if you need a little warm, more dynamics, and a little quieter. The kimber most nuetral. Transparent in between the kimber and fim sound wise.
Have had transparent XL15 for 2 years, have found that when I lived in urban environment with lots of mains
pollution they worked fantastically, now have moved and have seperate clean power (dedicated mains) they do not
produce such good results, also found them not to work so
great on amplification, better on CD