Transparent "brick" for in wall cable

I just moved into my new home that I had wired with Transparent wire. Why, because thats all my local dealer sells. I did not however install a "brick"(network). I am a previous owner of transparent cable and found a non-network cable I liked better. (Acoustic Zen Hologram II vs Ulta xl). Hence the reason for not buying a brick.
Thoughts is a brick worth the cash?
Not sure, but you may find you like the new (mm) style brick better? The mm stuff has a more open top end, or at least to my ears it does.YMMV.

Can you try with and without the brick?
the new MM is also warmer that the with XL tech... Also I have found that the next level down in MM is equal to one setup up in the with XL line (ulra MM versus reference with xl)

You're dealer should let you try it with a brick and without to see what you think.