Transparent Preamplifier

Looking for a solid state transparent Preamplifier for the NAD C275.
I tried NAD C165 and Parasound P5 but the sound was congested and no details.
Connected directly from the CD, the sound was great.
Budget is $2000.00
Thanks in advance on your opinions.

Why not leave CD player connected directly to your amp if you like the sound?  Need more inputs?  If so, a Bryston BP6 is just what you're looking for.  Only other consideration is what interconnects you're using?

I had the same experience running the C165 through the C275. Very one-dimensional sounding. I am currently using a Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE with the C275, and it is a VERY good match. Very clear, nice, clean’s a winner!

The W4S is a very unique design. It acts primarily as a passive preamp, but has 6 dB of gain that it can tap into. For me, it solved the problem of having so much gain that the volume control range was limited to between about 8 and 9:00. I got real tired of preamps with an unusable remote volume.