Transparent PowerLink Powercords...

Fellow A-Gon colleagues,

I'm soliciting your help in acquiring info regarding Transparent PowerLink Powercords. I currently have Analysis Plus Power Oval 2s for each of my Lamm M1.2 Monos. Are there any among us in this infinite pool of audio wisdom who has had experience with Transparent Powercords with the M1.2s? I currently run Transparent Reference cabling for ICs & speaker cable. Thanks in advance.

contact Transparent and ask for Brad. He can tell you if the 2 are a sonic match.
Thanks Jafant. Will do.
Keep me posted. I have owned Transparent in the past and can recommend w/o reservation. The 'magic' happens w/ an all Transparent cable/cord system plus on of their conditioner(s).
I promise I will.