Transparent Power Isolator vs RGPC

AGon Comrades,

I'm torn. I'm torn because since adding TA Ref cabling to my system, my system has been transformed. And I'm not going back. I've even decided to swap out all my power cords for TA PCs. On the other handAnd even though I've happily lived with my RGPC 1200C in my system for some time, I wonder if the synergy between all the TA cabling and the TA Power Isolator would improve system performance. I've done as much research as I could about the TA Power Isolator, but there isn't much out there. Has anyone had any experience with these two? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hello Saint519-

I have spent time w/ both. The Richard Gray really shines w/ A/V or HT set-ups. I still use a Sony XBR CRT TV- glorious picture.
Considering your investment in TA cables / cords- audition a TA power isolator/conditioner in your system. You have nothing to lose. Keep me posted. Happy listening!
Thanks Jafant. Could you give me your thoughts on the TA Power Isolator Performance?
From a tech standpoint I do not know how it compares to the RGPC gear. I do know that the RGPC products were designed for those of us in the deep South where thunderstorms are dominate. Furthermore, the products were especially designed for the greater New Orleans area, where there are natural elements and a terrible power grid.

I would contact TA directly. Ask for Brad- he is most helpful and can entertain your query.
Tell me, about the gear in your system Saint519?
Hi Jafant,

My system:
Lamm L2 Ref Preamp
Lamm M1.2 Ref Mono amps
Meitner MA-1 Dac
Meridian Sooloos Ensemble Music Server
Wilson Sasha - Gen I
Transparent Audio Reference XLMM2 ICs - connects the MA-1 & the L2
Transparent Audio Reference ICs - connects the L2 to the M1.2s
Transparent Audio Reference Spkr cable
SRA VR-Series IsoBases under the M1.2s
Very sweet! Saint519.

LAMM is on my short-list to demo sometime. That is a very impressive system. I do not know that I would not go w/ TA Opus cables/cords.
I have heard an all OPUS system w/ the Sasha + Sophia speakers and they will bring out the best that Wilson has to offer.

Have you made a contact to TA for additional info regarding line/power conditioning?
Hi Jafant,

Thanks for the kind words. It's been some journey thus far, with still a few
miles to go. You said, "I do not know that I would not go w/ TA Opus
cables/cords." Not sure what you mean by this. Pls elaborate. And
yes, I did call TA re: the power isolator family. Based on that convo, I
decided to sell my beloved Richard Gray Power Company 1200C to
finance a Power Isolator, with the ultimate goal of adding a Power Isolator
MM for each Lamm Mono. Tell me about your system.
Very curious to read what you think of the Trans Power Isolator...I had one of the prior versions (XL tech before the MM tech)...and loved it..shouldn't have sold it...

I'm excited about adding this upgrade path to the journey. I've been really pleased with TA thus far.

the Opus line, while costly-yes, will bring out the very best that your gear has to offer. It will be money well-spent.

Best of all, you will have the top cables/cords and will not have to upgrade in the future.

I am in a period of re-building my system. For the last 2 years, I have been dedicated to a kind of 'bucket-list' situation. I am getting the opportunity to audition/demo gear that otherwise would not be possible.

I do endorse TA for cables.
I do endorse Stage III Concepts power-cords (only).
Maybe at some point I could audition the opus line. I keep hearing about the magnum opus line soon to be released to the US market. It's being touted as the SOTA. an't wait to see how it all pans out.
In just a few more days, the system will change yet again. The Richard Gray Power Company 1200C is SOLD. The 2 Analysis Plus Oval 2 Power Cords that fed the Lamm M1.2s are SOLD. The RGPC 1200C is being replaced with a Transparent Audio Power Isolator MM2 (with a Power Isolator 8 & another Power Isolator MM2) and 2 Transparent Audio PowerLink Super Power Cords. CAN'T WAIT!!
Very nice! Saint519-

do you have a local TA dealer/retailer? If so, give a shout-out to the shop that you are purchasing your gear.
Keep me posted and happy listening.

I don't have a local TA dealer I use. I wouldn't be able to afford this stuff if I bought retail. :)

In just a few more days, the system will change yet again. The Richard Gray Power Company 1200C is SOLD. The 2 Analysis Plus Oval 2 Power Cords that fed the Lamm M1.2s are SOLD. The RGPC 1200C is being replaced with a Transparent Audio Power Isolator MM2 (with a Power Isolator 8 & another Power Isolator MM2 to follow as funds permit) and 2 Transparent Audio PowerLink Super Power Cords. CAN'T WAIT!!

how ya doing out there? Did you make a decision? If so, which product did you buy? Keep me posted and happy listening!
Hi Jafant,

Thanks for checking in on me. I ordered my first TA Power Isolator MM2, and recently took possession of TA PowerLink Super. The Power Isolator MM2 should be here any day.
Good deal Saint-
keep me posted on your upgrade project. I do not think that you will be disappointed. TA is a great line of excellent products. Seem to have excellent customer service -the most important factor for me-as well. Keep me posted & happy listening!

So far, I've received a TA PowerLink Super (MM1) that I'm using with the
MA-1. Made a pretty nice difference over the stock PC. I have a TA
PowerLink Premium (MM2) on order now. I'll order another and place one
each per mono amp, with the ultimate goal to upgrade them to Ref
PLLMM2s over time. I also recently took receipt of a TA PowerIsolator MM.
I plugged the MA-1 and the Sooloos Ensemble into it. WOW! That made
the greatest difference. Subtle details are no longer subtle. They're there in
their proper balance, but they are no longer hidden in the mix. I expect to
order a PowerIsolator 8 and another PowerIsolator MM. The PowerIsolator
MMs will be mated to their very own mono amp, while the PowerIsolator 8
will take care of the remaining equip. I must say, the PowerIsolator trumps
the H_LL outta the Richard Gray Power Company 1200C it replaced.
Good the hear Saint519-

if you are buying this gear at retail, TA offers a sweet upgrade program for cables/cords. A nice return on your investment indeed.

System synergy is everything in this hobby. Happy Listening!
Right On!

buying used/demo is most certainly the way to go. Thinking about TA, at least the company does offer a trade-up program.
I feel that says alot about their customer commitment/satisfaction. Keep me posted and enjoy your new toys!

give me an update on how things are burning -in?

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!

My system took a dip in performance. The reason is because when I sold the RGPC 1200C, I replaced it with a Transparent Audio PowerIsolator MM, which only has 2 outlets. And even though the Dac & the Music Server have jumped in performance, the soundstage collapsed a bit & became less than stellar. Why? It collapsed a bit because I also sold the Analysis Plus Power Oval 2s, too. So I'm using stock power cords for my amps. Blah... I ordered one TA Premium PowerLink, and expect to pick up 2 more. That way, I can change the amp's and preamp's power cords at the same time. Also looking to upgrade some of my cabling to TA Ref XLs. Big changes coming really soon.
Good to hear from ya-Saint.
Yes, its the little things that make or break any system.
For many, many years I have been in the forums fighting for proper cable/cords- it is imperative! Keep me posted & happy listening!
The second PowerIsolator MM arrived. I've paired them with their very own mono
amp, and I've got them nestled behind each speaker. I also just purchased a
PowerIsolator 8. All power conditioning is complete. Over time I'll upgrade the
power cables. But for now, I'm done. Whew!!
Well done Saint519-

enjoy your new toys and keep me posted as everything breaks/settles- in. It will take several weeks for this system to 'gel'. Keep me posted + happy listening!
Thanks Jafant. The PI8 should be arriving shortly, along with the re-calibrated Transparent Audio Ref XLMM2 ICs and spkr cable. And I'll be ordering an SRA Scuttle 3 tomorrow. So, big changes really soon.
Just added the Transparent Audio Power Isolator 8 to the system. And although I haven't gotten to listen at length, my initial impression is quite favorable. I'll update you all soon.
With the addition of a complete suite of TA PowerLink Premium Power Cords, 2 TA PowerIsolator MMs & a TA PowerIsolator 8, the soundstage has cleared up quite a bit, the sweet-spot widened quite a bit & the music is being presented in a far more natural fashion. I love what my system has become as a result of the TA additions.
Just ordered 4 more TA PowerLink Premium Power Cords. That'll round out the system with all TA Power Cords. Can't wait. The SRA Scuttle 3 was ordered 2 weeks ago & my TA Ref XL MM2 were all sent to TA for re-calibration for all the new equipment.
Installed all the TA PowerLink Power Cords into the system. SO glad I did. Stellar performance. I won't have to worry about power cords for the foreseeable future. Wow!!