Transparent network can't be reclibrated for different leghth?

Got a pair of reference bricks runs on in wall reference with 20'/23' length.  Ask them to shorten that to 8' but they strongly recommend not to do so as the brick can't be re-calibrated to different length(in this case shorter).  Was wondering if anyone tries to do the same and how did it actually end up affecting the sonic performance?
Thanks for the link.  It appears that the inductor change with length.  I was told that the inductors were bury in some glue that minimize resonance so to modify the inductors for different length is essentially building a new network hence not cost effective.
@OP, I would take anything Transparent says with a grain of salt.
If it were me, I would sell the cables and buy a set of Audioquest.
You can read this post and see if helps-

I built 2 pairs of the 10 footers with 12/4 soow 99.9 domestic copper, and one pair 17 feet with no inductor, out of  10/2 sjoow 99.9 domestic copper.
They are waiting to be cooked as we speak. If you DIY and go to 8 feet you'll have to add about 5 or 6 more wraps on the inductors. Total between 2.5-2.9 mH. That will work. I don't know how picky your ears are. Mine can't tell the difference between the 17 ft 10/2 or the 10 ft 12/4 before the cooking. LOL The 10 ft. 12/4  did sound pretty good for a plug and play though. After cooking and a little settling, try it again.
I'm a hard core COPPER guy. I just like it....Networks we'll see.

I used copper and gold, 2mm pins, Ys, locking bananas, and two SpeakOn(nickel/silver) to bananas (Bass columns) cables. I've also 
added an option to attenuate, UHF1-? dB, that's for your ears. Things like hard dome, ribbons, running to HOT ect. It's usually a room condition but depends on the ability to correct it without spending $$$$.  A good
6-15.00 USD resistor is pretty darn cheap, in comparison. I'll let you know, if your interested in the results. I just love to tinker...
Thank you @oldhvymec on your observation.  I will definitely be interesting to get your views on cables with/wo networks.