Transparent Music Wave Ultra

Hello Guys,

I found this pair 5ft Transparent Music Wave Ultra speaker cables
Anyone knows these cables? .. even old cables (now there is MM2 technology) are still a good choice for SS amp?

I forgot the picture , you can find one here:
Transparent had three other versions between that and the new MM2.

Ultra -> Ultra with XL -> Ultra XL -> Ultra MM -> Ultra MM2

When i got my Ultra XLs (2000), the rule of thumb was that the previous versions (Ultra, Ultra with XL) were like Super XLs (1 model down). At this point, compared to the MM2s, i would guess that the Ultras you speak of aren't keeping up. But that really should be for your ears to decide. Personally, i'm afraid to compare them. :-)
Thanks alot Objective1 .. pratically you're meaning those cables nowaday are kinda legacy cables probably sonically outperformed by cheapo Transparent line like the Super XL
Did I get right?