Transparent Music Wave Super sort of Review

I have been tinkering and toying with my system for many years... as I suppose most of you have. In its current iteration I love the way it sounds. Audio Research VSi 60 Driving a pair of Wilson Audio Sophia (Series 1). Multiple DACs that I like to switch in and out. My reference being an Audioquest Dragonfly (yes it sounds better in my system than the Meridian, Benchmark, and Musical Fidelity that I occasionally rotate in) A VPI Scout with JMW signature tonearm Ortophon 2M Black and a graham slee era gold phono stage.

Recently I spent a good amount of time wrestling with selling my VSi 60 for a high powered solid state setup. I love the sound of the AR but truth be told I thought it lacked the bass and dynamics that I was looking for when using it for Home Theater. I also felt that I was missing that musicality and tightness in the bottom end on electronic music, heavier rock, and big orchestral pieces. While I was wrestling with this I talked to one of the guys over at Transparent and he urged me to try out some of their cables before I changed my whole rig. You can probably see where this is going.

I was using Paul Speltz AntiCables(reference) and AntiICs in my system. Previously I had Audioquest, Nordost, Mogami, DNM, etc. I have been all over the map when it comes down to cables. I always felt like I was choosing what I wanted to sacrifice with a cable and honestly I felt that the AntiCables were the best thing I had heard and never gave it a second thought once I had them in my system(even though they were 1/4 the price of some of the other cables I have had in my system). That is until I tightened the binding posts over the Transparent Music Wave Super Speaker cables and Music Link Super ICs.

"WOW, cables can do that" My girlfriend exclaimed as the audiophile in me relentlessly A-B tested the AntiCables against the transparent. On the Black Keys El Camino (Vinyl 45RPM) The guitar crunch had more texture the vocal harmonies were more apparent but most of all the BASSSSSSS. The kick drums sounded three dimensional and real without ever bloating or freezing overpowering. The sound stage was also better defined. The AntiCables had a great wide open soundstage but it was much hazier.

On to one of my old reference recordings The Decemberists Her Majesty (Vinyl 33 1/3) The lead in to the album is meant to sound as if you are on an old ship sailing the seas. Chains clanked and boards creaked with more realism than they ever had before. Colin Meloy's voice was eerily three dimensional and had a height that was clearly distinguishable from his guitar. The speakers seemed to project him right into my living room sitting on a stool playing his guitar.

Switching to digital listening to Norah Jones' Come away with me (24/96 ALAC HDTracks) Norah's voice flowed out of the speakers like silk with a delicate texture. The usual sibilance that I hear on this album was gone and in it's place were clean extended highs with incredible definition and clarity. Again superior image specificity and bass were the name of the game with these cables. Really they bested the AntiCables in every category.

I know you will all say yeah of course the transparent was better they are WAY MORE. I have heard many different cables both more and less expensive in my system. Until now the AntiCables were the best I ever heard. Transparent made me a believer in "The Network". The sound in my system is unbelievable. I have gotten to audio nirvana.
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Hi, I am not surprised. I'm a big Transparent fan too. Thanks for posting your experiences !
Norah has sibilance in person.
Yep bass is what you will always get in spades with Transparent cables!
Way to go Palena79-

Another big fan of Transparent here. Good to read about getting rid of the ARC VSi 60- I do not like ARC integrated amps for the very reasons you stated above- you are dead on!

Which brand(s) of SS gear to you switch?
The transparent cables/power cords are going to change your system & listening experience! It only gets better as you move up their product line "chain".

Happy Listening!
I am also a recent Transparent Super convert. The same thing, I noticed the tightness in "mid bass" on my Wilson WP/7's returned when switching over from Signal silver speaker cables. The first thing I actually noticed was how quiet the system became. That change resulted in more detail in the recordings.
Transparent is an outstanding line. I have worked my way up to Reference speaker cables and ICs, and power cords. Also have a Powerbank 8. I think their products are outstanding, and they are very helpful on the phone if you have technical questions.
Hi Palena79.Nobody denies the superb quality and perfect balance of Transparent Audio cables, but if you ever have the chance to try Purist Audio Design speaker cables just do it! You'll be surprised how good they get along with Audio Research power amps and I suposse with ARC tube amps as well.I have an ARC D200 amp and I was using it with a transparent music wave plus speaker cable and there was not a good sinergy( veil in voices and strings)Then I put a Purist Audio Design musaeus speaker cable and all my system opened up.Shortly after I upgraded the PAD musaeus to a PAD Aqueous 20th anniversary.I have even better and thighter basses, more extention.improved soundstage and dinamics.So it is an excellent option for you in future.I also use PAD as interconnects and power cords.Cheers.Raf.