Transparent Music Wave Plus MM 2?

Hi Folks,
Has anyone tried the music wave plus speaker cable in either the old of newer MM2 version? I am considering a pair. I have owned Kimber 8TC and am wondering if Transparent would be an upgrade. Are the interconnects a good investment too? Thanks...Brian.
I've owned alot of Transparent cable including MM/MM2 stuff as well as a liteny of competitors products. Bottom line is that while it can provide a great synergy with some systems, it is very hit or miss depending on the system...simple RF filter networks are used. MIT is the better choice due to impedance matching and more advanced network technology...more predictable results that way. Joe at Equus Audio offers some demo cables as well as new gear at tremendous savings...give him a call, even if you just want to learn a little bit more about the high end audio/cable industry in general!
All cables are system and listener dependent.

There are no exceptions.

You'll need to evaluate every product with your components in your system in your room.
In absolute terms Audiofeil is correct, but you might want to make a short list based on price and interest and then call the cable company for an in home demo of them all. Ask for Robert Stein and he can also make some suggestions for you based on your system and musical preferences. The cable company maintains a database of customers and their equipment as it relates to what types of cables they found worked well for them. This approach may help you find the better match with the least amount of hassle and cost.