Transparent mm2 Speaker Super vs Ultra

Hi, i want to buy cable T.
someone has compared this models directly ?
i have W. sophia with MC system.

thank you.
Ultra MM2 has very similar sound, but sounds better than Super MM2 in all ways. A lot more expensive too.
Your system is certainly good enough to hear the differences, only you can decide if worth the cost. Transparent does have good resale value.
thank you JL., this cables need break in period? i can try with Transparent super from friend (i think, they are news)
I use Ultra MM2s and they took about 50 hours to give most of their performance. I found them noticeably more refined than Super MM2. I would think you would hear a better defined soundstage and bass on the Wilsons (which I've only heard once in a showroom setting). It is good that you can try them out for yourself rather than trust the ears of anyone else, including mine. Good luck.
I never bought a new pair, but I believe break-in does help
i have tried 2 models. and now i dont know what i like lol.

super is more "romantic"
ultra have little more detail in mid-high.

super have bass more "fat" than ultra.
but: super have aprox 15 hours and ultra more than 200hs.
The Ultra's are better in every way but your speaker cables will determine what is being passed along. You will also need a Transparent power cord for best results.
According to Transparent, IC from source to Pre is most important, then speaker cables, the amp to pre IC.