transparent mm1 vs mm2

The transparent mm2 is supposed to be the better cable of the two. But what a about a mm2 cable compared to a mm1 cable, but the mm1 is hire up the line? Ultra mm2 compared to a reference mm1. The reference is just above the ultra in the line. Which one would be the better choice?
Hi all, just purchased new transparent interconnects and used mm1 speaker cable. Are there any burn in time with the new interconnects, because at first they sounded Great then a couple of days later lousy. Now it seams it's comming back again, what's up?
hi, i am seeing this options: Super mm2 speaker and Ultra mm1.
here in my country i haven't possibility about try. which can be best choice ?
According to Transparent, Super MM2 should be better than Ultra MM1. I had the Super MM2 and it is an excellent cable.
I have owned many of their MM1 and MM2 cables including Gen5 and I can say that they have gotten more warm sounding but at the expense of openness and upper frequency extension/air.