Transparent Link 200 for Totem speakers

I wanted to know about cables. I plan to use the transparent Link 200 entry level speaker cables for my system that has a Wadia 302, Krell 2250 and Totem forest speakers. Are these the correct cables to use?
For entry level pricing, and high quality on an absolute basis, I found the $180 per eight foot pair of speaker cables from to be able to replace $450 to $1000 cables in my systems. With money back home trial, I had the confidence to try a direct seller, and no one who listens can believe how little I paid.
The "correct cables" are those where you feel enough of a thrill to want to re-listen to all your CD's just to revel in all the three dimensionality, bass extension, detailing you never noticed before, and the rhythmic quality of music you experience when listening to the real thing.
I did not return either the speaker cables, or the $120 per pair interconnects, and I am guessing your own home trial would be a very positive experience. Lots of money left over to buy more CD's. Your system is hardly entry level, and you can get the opportunity to really hear the difference, for almost no money.
Just a word on behalf of your speaker designer's Totem Beaks which can enhance the three dimensionality, clarity, and even bass extension of box speakers. They are positioned on the top surface of a box speaker, and act like a cable upgrade, or adjuster of the sound until you get it exactly the way you prefer.
I especially like its modest cost new , or used, and the surprise when music sounds better with its use.
i used to own transparent musicwave plus speaker cables to my totem model 1's and I moved to all bogdan silver cables and ic's. the transparent cables were lifeless compared to other cables I listened to. if you move up the transparent chain, they get better. check out bogdan cables and others before making your purchase. i also agree with listener57, i also use totem beaks with my totem speakers.
I have asked for the Beeks (a pair per speaker). And Listener57, what was the brand of cables you picked up at $180/8ft pair?