Transparent interconnects burn in time? If any?

Bought new Transparent interconnect cables Cd to Pre to Amp, and a pair of used Transparent speaker wire MM1. They first sounded Great for a few days then they went south, now they are comming back again is this normal? TKS

It's a roller coaster ride for the first week.

it will take over 200 playing hours to burn-in properly.
Keep us posted.
Do 350 hours, you are ready to give your impressions then.
I trade up my ultra xl speaker cable to reference mm2 and really like the change. A while later I purchased the reference mm2 xlrs, traded in a ultra mm1 xlr. I had the ultra mm1 between my pre pro and amp. Had a time portal reference xlr between my disc player and pre pro. Moved the time portal cable down to the amp and put the transparent cable in at the disc player Was disappointed in the transparent reference mm2 xlr. for almost 5 times the price of the time portal the transparent cable was only slightly better in some ways and not as good in others. going to give the transparent cable a little more break in time. if it does not get better then I will move it down to the amp and put the time portal back to the disc player. The transparent cable has right around 65 hours on it. any thoughts thanks Pete